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  • Offensive and controversial content: Because individual and community standards may vary in different geographical, historical and cultural contexts, Geographies of Time might make use of and/or quote sources that use terminology considered outdated and/or offensive, objectionable, controversial by today standards (e.g. terms characterised by colonial uses during the early-modern era). In so doing, Geographies of Time aims at retaining a historical perspective, e.g. quoting faithfully historical primary sources of interest, while calling into question their terminology and underlying conceptual categories. In the event that you feel offensive content is being used please contact the editor identifying what material you deem objectionable and giving your reason for wanting the material removed (see About).
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Header image credit: Le viellard en réfléxion, also known as A Scholar in His Study, engraving by Nicolas Joseph Voyez after Gerard Dou (Paris: chez Basan graveur, eighteenth century). London, Wellcome Collection. Public domain.

Header image credit 2019-2022: Lahontan, Nouveaux voyages … (A La Haye: chez les fréres l’Honoré, marchands libraires, 1703)tome I, detail of unnumbered page near “Table des Lettres”, Source: gallica.bnf.fr / Bibliothèque nationale de France.


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